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Friday, July 8, 2011

My Clematis...

I have 4 clematis plants...2 that intertwine together and are absolutely gorgeous...a brand new one, by the arbour that probably won't flower this year and 1 that grows up the garden shed.  This particular clematis was a gift a few years ago...and I wasn't sure it would make it, as it looked all but dead to me.  I cut it back after the first year and later read THAT was a big mistake and last year the silly thing grew one vine and had 1 flower. This year it's big and bushy..and has 2 HUGE flowers, (that's it)..of all places, at the BOTTOM of the plant. They are beautiful and a light lavender in color...but it IS a challenge.  I won't be defeated by this damn clematis!!!

Had a busy week...cleaned the house and started to "de-clutter" the basement.  I have to admit...I'm "letting go" of a few things that I thought I'd keep "forever"--patterns and old magazines, so far.  I'm saving my 12 + large Rubbermaid tubs for last--they're full of yarn!!!

I think it's just about bath time.  Want to get up early and hit a few yard sales.  (Like I need more stuff...)

Have a great week-end!!!

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