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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good Morning!!

Have been "up and at it" for a  few hours already this morning.  Want to get a few things done around here, before the heat becomes "unbearable".  On days like today, I wish for air conditioning!!  However, for the few days a year we MIGHT use it, I can deal with the heat for a day or two!!!

Having a yard sale this Saturday...for sure.  I've already gone through  several things and taken a few boxes to the local thrift stores.  What doesn't sell at this yard sale, will be going, too.  I can't deal with the clutter any more.  Time to concentrate on the things I enjoy doing and less time moving things around to avoid the mess!!   I have spoken!!  lololol

Have I shown you my "pride and joy" yet this year??  Isn't she a beauty??  She usually stands taller...but I took this picture right after a hard rain.   She's already perked up alittle!!!

Well, better get moving...or I'll end up sitting here "forever"!!  Have a GREAT day!!!  And don't over-do it in this heat!!


Doris Sturm said...

What a beautiful plant - what is it called? I need to declutter too, especially since I live in a small apartment and it gets cluttered up really quickly!

Enjoy your yard sale and the weather. I'd be dead without A/C ;-)

Best Wishes,
Doris and the Gizz (woof!)

Debi said...

Hi Doris!! This plant is called a "clematis" and this particular one is just doing AWESOME for some odd reason!!

I think the yard sale is being put "on hold" until August....(darn it). But that's okay...gives me more time to get rid of some CLUTTER!! (I'm patting myself on the back here!) lolol
Stay Cool...Oggie sends Gizz a big wet kiss...he went swimming yesterday and is all happy!

Crochet Goddess said...

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