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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yard Salin'

Saturday...yard salin' day!!  Not that we NEED anything!!!  But it's always a "blast" and ya just never know what you MIGHT find!  My big purchase of the day...this basket.  Cost me 50 cents!!

John found a box of Louis L'Amour books...all marked at 25 cents each...the man parted with ALL of them for 5.00.  I bet there's at least 50 books!!  Hubby is in 7th heaven! 

After our shopping spree, I went to work and hubby went on a mission with his best buddy, Dan.  They went to look at a sail boat...and if all goes well, they'll be bringing it home.  Dan wants to learn how to sail, and John is the "man for the job".  Personally speaking...this is Dan's way of keeping us in the area for as long as he possibly can.  I doubt if we'll EVER get out of here.  So...if this is the case, I have some plans for the back yard...and I'm sure I can talk hubby into this project.  (Will share details at a later date!!!)  :)

So...if Sunny The Cat will let me at the box of books, I'll go through them and put them in the book case alphabetically! (He looks kinda "cranky", doesn't he....) The ones he has duplicates of,  will go into OUR yard sale next week.

Hope you've have a great day...mine has been!!!

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Therese said...

Happy Birthday, Sounds like you have been enjoying the day. I love to go to yard sales also, but I don't go very often. I am also working on setting up a yard sale. Not sure for what weekend yet but hoping soon.
Take care,