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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The rain has FINALLY ended for a few days. It's been a very wet and cool summer--with the exception of a week or so. We'll never get blueberries at this rate!! I need to think positive...as it's one of my favorite fruits. And the best part about it...we go out in the bush...pick a spot to sit and pick blueberries for hours. It's so peaceful...and relaxing. Just a great time to sit and think!!!

The babies of spring are out and about now. Above are a few pictures of "our" woodpeckers. Mama Peepers and her baby. The baby just "peeps" with delight, as Ma-ma goes to the suet feeder and grabs a bite and feeds it to her---or him. It is so "neat" to watch the activities of the rock garden!!!

Suet feed is expensive here...4.24 for 3....unless you can pick it up at the Dollar Store. Yesterday I tried my hand at making some...and they turned out very well. Now...I just hope they eat it...as it's half the cost of store bought suet cakes.

Still working on Oggie's blanket....but not real hard. Work on it for awhile in the evening and then go to sleep in the chair. Need to start earlier and get it done. I'm ready for a new project!!!

We're off to visit with friends this afternoon. Should be fun, as we haven't seen them in quite some time.

Better get some laundry out on the line...have a great day!!

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