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Friday, July 31, 2009


Well...this is a project from last week...or was it the week before. Doesn't really matter, but it was well worth the effort. These are a few of the wild blueberries we picked. They were sooooo sweet!! But...far and few between. Tough picking, as there weren't alot of them around. The berries are late this year...and there's more to come. We just need some more sunshine...which is something we haven't seen alot of this summer!!

And this is the finished product!! Blueberrie jam. Now this batch didn't turn out as thick as last year. I was talking to my Mom and she told me...there is a simple solution to thick jam. NEVER can jam on a dreary, humid day. It's just like fudge!!! When it's humid out, it just doesn't set as well. I'll remember that for the next batch!! Geeeeeeee...our Mom's sure pick up some good tips...from their Mom's...and so it goes down the line!!

News of the day??? Not much. I went and vacuumed for Jeannie this morning...came home and was called into work alittle early. It wasn't real busy, but made some good money. People were VERY generous as far as MY tips went!!!

After work...I came home and took Og for a walk. He just loves to get out and about. But don't all dogs??? John is gone away for a few days...and he doesn't eat...sits and looks out the window or snoozes on the bed....and waits for his "Dad" to return. He snuggled with me last night. I just love him so!!! He just turned 7 years old a few days ago...how the time flies.

Hung the blue jeans out on the line after work. Hope they dry...as it was late in the day.

Listed more items on ebay this morning before I went over to Jeannie's place. Damn...I hope they sell. I want to get rid of some of this stock...as Lord knows there's a ton of things downstairs that need to get listed.

Other than that...not alot going on. I did crochet last night for awhile. I'm just about finished with another hat. Still have a bunch of odd lots of yarn. Trying to decide what to do with this bunch. Any suggestions???

Well, that's the news of the day. Nothing out of the ordinary. Oh yeah!!! We got a "HOT TIP" on a new stock earlier in the week. It went up .43 today!!!! We're in the black on this one! YAHOOO! And boy am I ever glad! Took alot of talkin' to get John to buy the stuff!!!

Adios!!! Talk soon......

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