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Friday, August 8, 2008

A Friday Ritual...

Every Friday night--I'd say for the last 3 or 4 summers...we have a ritual. John, Oggie Dog and I jump into the car and head for the "pole". Now...the pole is a place where everyone lists their upcoming yard sales. You can imagine what a town this size is like on "yard sale" day!! YAHOOOOOOOO! Every man for himself!!

John is still looking for small bins for his shop...those little plastic boxes that he can hang on his walls--for all his "bells and whistles". Me?? Well, I don't need a thing, but I ususally try to feed my YARN ADDICTION on Saturday mornings.

A pretty uneventful day. I work Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings at a restaurant here in town. Not a bad day...actually made a few dollars.

Before work this morning, I actually got some house work done. Managed to vacuum the upstairs, and dusted our bedroom...well about half of it. I'll finish it after work tomorrow...

Well, it's that time again!! I'm heading downstairs to sit and watch some t.v. Found a nice varigated yarn in fall colors in the closet. Hopefully, enough for a hat!!!

Here's a pretty red chenille hat I finished...garnet red...from Lion Brand.

Have a super week-end!!!

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