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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August 5th --- A RAINY DAY

And I do mean it RAINED!!!!! Cats and dogs!!! Monster size drops!!! Lost the power on two different occassions. Lasted about an hour and the sun came back out!!! Hot and humid!! Can't win with the weather this year!! But...who can complain with the 3 nice days we had before today!!

News of the day...my Hubby is FINALLY home! Took him about 10 hours to get here. Car has been running great! He has to stop every now and again to stretch those legs of his. Plus...he has half the trees "marked" between here and Brockville!!! (Just like a man, isn't it??) But, he's safe and sound and I'm glad he's home!!!

Did some house work and tried a new recipe. SLOW COOKER LEMON GARLIC CHICKEN II...was tart and VERY good. I'll definitely make this one again. Served it with rice and green beans fresh out of the neighbor's garden. Here's the link to get you there. Worth a try!!! http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Slow-Cooker-Lemon-Garlic-Chicken-II/Detail.aspx

Have a gift card from Zeller's...25.00. Walked through there today...and what do I see!! A YARN SALE!! I bought 3 skeins of Light & Lofty--varigated greens, and 1 skein of Bernat Softee...in BRIGHT yellow. Thought it might make a cute hat. And I got ALL 4 skeins for 10.44!!! Good deal, eh?? I still have a scarf to finish....in varigated brown tones--Lion Brand Wool Ease. The color is called "Woods"...and that stuff is soooooo nice to work with.

Think I'll go down and sit in my chair --do alittle crocheting!! Let's see if I can get a picture to download tonight....I'll show you one of my hats!!

Until tomorrow...have a GREAT evening!!!

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