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Saturday, August 23, 2008


Well, it's Saturday...a work day for me, and it was actually quite busy....different for a change!! One more day to go, and then I'm off for 2 weeks. I'm leaving for Michigan on Monday to spend some time with my Mom. She has a long, tough road ahead of her as that car accident really messed her up!! Hopefully, I can be of some help. I really do have mixed emotions about this trip....will explain at another time!!

Looked like rain this morning, so we didn't bother going to any yard sales. We don't need anything...and should be planning a sale of our own--the 2nd for the year. Something for October--if all goes well.

Had a busy week...we both had an appointment with the "tooth fairy". John had a tooth repaired...which he broke off while eatting rice--of all things!!! And I had my regular cleaning and a check-up!! NO cavities!!!

Sunny Kitty had his regular 6 week visit to the vet's office. He had "crystals" about a year ago, and we just about lost the old boy!!! Now...he's on a special diet and needs his medication every 6 weeks or so. Sunny's a monster...a big boy...with a beautiful orange and white coat. The "child from hell"!!! Wouldn't trade him for "love nor money"!!! He just loves John...and well...John tolerates Sunny!!!

Worked in the rock garden for a few hours yesterday--pulled weeds, relocated and split a few plants...and I really think it will look much nicer next year. Still alot of work to do...but it's already showing much improvement. I can't wait for next spring!!!!

I'm in a "rut" as far as my crocheting goes. I found a few different patterns, and maybe that will help me out!!! I have a few craft shows coming up in October...I really need to get motivated!!

So...in the meantime...enjoy doing whatever makes you happy!!!

Here's a picture of Sunny and his "sister"--Magnolia! It's not his best photo shoot---I think you can see what I mean!! But take a look at that tail!! WOW!! That's his "pride and joy"!!!

See you tomorrow!!

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