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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yard Sale Day....

I didn't have to go to work until 11:00 this morning...so it gave us some extra time at the yard sales. I found several patterns and some green yarn. Perfect color for this fall. And besides...just had to buy it to feed my addiction! I'll use it...some day!!

Started a hat a few nights ago in a varigated yarn...gold, rust, green and brown. The yarn had been used in another project and the stitches were so uneven...I gave up. Will go into our yard sale...when we have time to have another one!!! Hopefully this fall!!!

My Sweet-heart took me out for dinner...fish and chips. Always know what you're going to get...always taste great and the service is very good. Doesn't break the bank...and they have the BEST coconut cream pie !! YUMMMMMM!!!

Watched the Dream Cruise out of Detroit tonight on t.v. What a disappointment as they sure didn't show many of the cars. We were hoping to see an old Met!!Someday...maybe we can take ours!!
Check out the bird feeder...Mr Woody visits and just loves the suet and sun flower seeds!!!
I have an early morning...better get to bed!!

See you tomorrow!!!!

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