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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Day of Errands...

Not much accomplished around here today...but did get a few errands taken care of. And of course, we had to hit every thrift store in town!! It's what we do, ya know!!! I found 2 old canning jars...from the 30's...and I thought they might look nice on top of my cupboards...filled with beans and macaroni!! Karen has one or two and they look great in her kitchen. She has such a way with things.

Well, we sat at the computer last night and tried to down-load the pictures of John's trip back to Brockville. The computer wouldn't even recognize the software--or the camera!! NOW WHAT??? We found the cord to be kinked and cracked, so we were hoping that was the problem!! (Let's hope so--that camera was darn expensive!!) Anyway, to make a long story short, he bought a Card Reader USB 2.0 and it did the trick. But...I was REALLY vexed! One store is town was charging 89.95 for one...and Radio Shack had the same thing for 19.95!! Now...where would YOU shop?????

Took "Og The Dog" for a stroll. He just loves getting out!! Suppose I should get him out one more time before I put my feet up....and I hear thunder!!

No crocheting last night...but tonight's the night!!! I want to get a scarf finished so I can start something else. I have several hats made for the holiday craft shows and bazaars...and ones I also list on ebay. But...living here in the far north is alittle different than living in the city...and believe it or not, people DO dress differently here. Not as fashionable...unless you call a toque, fashionable. Need to get a few of those made!! Possibly some stocking caps as well!!! Practical things to keep us Northerners warm!! I prefer Florida...now that keeps me warm!! :)

Let me share another hat with you...
Until tomorrow...be safe out there!!!!

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