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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monday's are Rough...

I sit here and tell you about my every day life. And it's usually the same thing...day after day. But....that's okay!

Today was a rough one...my emotions are high and low and my poor husband has to put up with all my tears. I have no idea what's REALLY wrong...I just "go with the flo".

I try to put myself in too many places at one time. Dealing with aging parents and their health issues SUCK. Being an only remaining child SUCKS as well...and my dear hubby is in the same position as I am. His parents are far more understanding than mine...Bless their hearts. So...who do you deal with?? Mentally and emotionally, I can't deal with anything at the moment...

My Mom FINALLY got to leave the hospital for home today...after well over 7 weeks of residency there. No help as promised and I am PISSED!!! What can you do from this distance?? I'll deal with it tomorrow.

My youngest lad...Jeremy..soon to be 30...asked for some financial help this morning. John helped him out...with a promise of a "pay back". Poor kid made a major mistake of taking out a lease in an apartment complex...for a year...with his girl-friend....just too damn far from work. Plus...a real good chance of being unemployed! He's a police officer and a darn good one!! He's so upset...but I'm glad he asked for some help---from US!! A first!!! THANK YOU JOHN!!! I Love You.

Went out to Quirk Lake and spent the afternoon with Dan and Barb. Stayed for dinner and got home around 9:00. They're great friends. Had chicken breasts...baked spuds and green beans from the garden. What more could you ask for, right?? Asked them for "breakie" on Friday. Think bisquits and sausage gravy will be in order....

I'm beat....it's after midnight....Not that I have a 1,000 followers or anything..lol..but for those that do read now and again...SWEET DREAMS!!!

Take a look at this handsome dude...I'd like you to meet JEREMY!!!

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