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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Saturday!!

Worked a 5 hour shift today...seemed like "forever". All in all, not a bad day!!! There's always something to do...

After work, John and I went to Zellers...a small department store here in Elliot Lake. Let me tell you...they have alot of yarn...but it's the worst kept department in the entire store. A skein of this and a skein of that. I gave up on the white yarn I was using for the baby afghan...it's very pretty yarn, but a pain to work with. To sum it up, it looks very "untidy" and "pulled". So, we stopped by Zellers to look at something in a pink. I gave up.... But we're going back to Sudbury on Monday...should be able to find something there. I can't believe I don't have any full skeins of pink yarn in all of those bins of STASH!!! I'll have to do something about that!!!!

Sharing a picture of a project I recently finished....a hat and short scarf. It was a fun project and I love the yarn...Red Heart "Painted Desert". Karen picked out blue buttons for the scarf and they look rather nice!!!

Watched a movie we bought at one of our local thrift stores last night..."Fly Away Home"...with Jeff Daniels and Anna Paquin. It was all about a young girl and her father who adopted an orphaned flock of geese and taught them to fly. It's been around for awhile...but this is the first time I've seen it. I highly recommend it!!!!

Other than that, it's been a pretty uneventful day. No sunshine...infact, it snowed a good part of the day. GLOOMY!!!!

Hope your week-end is going well...I have NO complaints!!

See ya later......

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