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Friday, March 20, 2009

The First Day of Spring....

Well, it's official. Today is the first day of spring 2009!! It certainly has been a long winter! I still haven't seen a robin yet...but I'm sure it won't be long now, if infact, they haven't already arrived.

The waterfall just outside of town, is a sure sign of the melting snow. The thunder of the water is "awesome"...and this makes spring more realistic each and every day. This picture was taken last year about this time. Isn't it beautiful??

I missed everyone yesterday. John and I went to Sudbury for the day. Did some shopping and browsed the thrift stores. We both had an appointment with the optometrist and went over to Lencrafters to pick out our new frames. Talk about high pressure!!! This will, no doubt, be our last trip there to purchase our frames. But, regardless, I found a pair I really liked. It's just unfortunate I have to return them on Monday. They are far too small...it feels like my head is in a vice grip! I can't understand why I didn't notice it while they were being adjusted...but it didn't "hit me" until we were driving home.

Managed to knit a few rows on the baby afghan last night. I finished the garter stitch border and now move on to the feather and fan pattern!!!

Better get downstairs and see what's on t.v. before bedtime. Do you think I'm in a rut??????

Enjoy your week-end!!!

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