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Sunday, March 1, 2009

3 Weeks Until Spring...

Today is March 1st...and just 3 weeks until spring. I looked at the long range forecast...promising...but still very cold. Hey...we can't change it, right??

A busier day at work!! Time just flew by. And now I'm off until next Friday. I just love these 13 hour work weeks!!

John and I are "taking off" for a few days. We're heading down to Gaylord to pick up the engine for the Met. We have reservations at The Quality Inn...and staying in our favorite room. John, I'm sure, will go for a swim. Nice pool and whirlpool to enjoy. We might head to Petosky on Tuesday....hit the casino and stay at the hotel there. They have a few "awesome" thrift stores to enjoy, as well!! We'll head home on Wednesday...hopefully before the snow hits...AGAIN!!!

Here's a photo of the hat and scarf set I made for one of Mom's care-givers....one of my last special orders. I love the brown color...believe it's called "Cocoa Brown" by Red Heart.

Well, hope you have a good week. I'll be home on Wednesday...and here's hoping I have some exciting pictures to share with you!
See ya soon!!!

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