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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Trip To The "City"...

If you know anything about the province of Ontario, you'd then understand that a trip to Subdury from the city of Elliot Lake, is a real trip to "The City". Elliot Lake, even with a population of over 13,00o, offers basically nothing, when it comes to shopping. Go back an entry or two in my blog, and you can read my story about the "pink yarn". Regardless, John and I went to Sudbury yesterday so I could deal with my glasses...and went to Walmart, so I could find my "pink yarn". HOORAAAAY!! I found it...but there wasn't a doubt in my mind. (I love Walmart!!) I can now work on the baby blanket for the upcoming birth of grand-daughter #4!! And while we were gone, the mailman delivered my yarn for an afghan I plan to make for a wedding gift early this summer. So, between the gifts, my projects for Christmas and the holiday craft shows, I will be a busy girl!!

Didn't get much accomplished around the house today. We had a few errands to run...bank, post office, etc. Also, had to deal with a few phone calls, and that was about it. Boy, time sure has a way of getting away from me.

John went to his blue grass group tonight, and I'll probably catch up on laundry..or maybe just sit and crochet. Whatever I do, I'm sure it will be enjoyable!!

A storm moving in tonight...BIG possibility of freezing rain...but that too shall pass!!! I'm snug and warm in my little house!!!

Hope you've enjoyed your day...on a scale of 1 though 10...I'm rating mine a 10, of course!!! I got up this morning and put both feet on the ground, right????? Life is good!!!

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