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Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm Addicted!!!

I've been behaving myself for far too long!!! Just happened to stroll into one of our local thrift stores and looked what jumped right into my arms??? All of this lovely chenille and a bag of bulky weight yarn for 5.00. Can you believe it??

I managed to get some crocheting done last night...and it felt pretty good just to sit there and "play" with the yarn. Will do the same this evening.

I got up early and dried 2 loads of clothes. The dryer is working great, by the way!!! Washed my hair and just messed around the house for awhile...did alittle bit of this and alittle bit of that. Went over to Jeannie's place, pushed the vacuum, and had a short but nice visit. Didn't last long, as I had to get to work.

Wasn't real busy at the restaurant, but the tips were good. Managed to keep busy...as I always do. Back again tomorrow and Sunday...with a 5 hour shift each day.

Had left-overs for dinner--hamburger chop suey along with a blanched vegetable dish..some cantaloupe and strawberries for dessert. The fruit tasted good....

Better get downstairs before the night slips away. I get on this computer and can find all kinds of good things. I'm sure you know the feeling!!!

See ya tomorrow....

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