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Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, Monday...

The week-end just flew by...and here it is Monday...ALREADY!!! And the sun is shining! I put the sheets out on the clothes line this morning...and they were dry within an hour or so. What a lovely wind! And earlier this afternoon, thought I'd take a chance on a load of dark clothes. Everything smells of "spring". (You'd never know it's REALLY spring from this picture!!) Yes, this is my back yard...or part of it. Can you believe how much snow is left???

Didn't get much crafting time in this week-end. John and I watched a few movies. And yesterday, we jumped in the car and went for a drive. Stopped by one of our favorite little restaurants in Webwood. They have the BEST hamburgers and fries there. And we enjoyed the ride...a nice change of scenery...even in the rain.

I have the next four days off...and hopefully, I'll accomplish a few things I want to do. Nothing major...but my craft room needs some attention. Maybe I'll start by getting some of my ironing done. Good idea!

If all goes well, I'll see you tomorrow!!!! If not...check out my craft room...I'm probably in there!! :)
Have a GREAT day!!

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