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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Snow??????

More snow...more rain...more ice! Think this might be the last of it???? Lets keep our fingers crossed!

Uneventful day...although I've had a good one. Got up early and met my crafting buddy, Joyce, for coffee a Tim Horton's around 8:00. It's been awhile since we've had a chance to visit, so I had a great time.

Also gave Karen a call...hoping I'd have a chance to run over...but she's not well. That medication they gave her is sure playing "hell" with her system. She stopped taking it all together. So.. it was back to the hospital this morning...and haven't heard anything yet. Hope all is well, and she'll be back to normal soon.

My dryer quit this afternoon...not surprised, as it's been running on "borrowed time". The heating element is burnt out...and John got one ordered. Thank goodness he can fix just about anything!!! Saves us a bunch of $$$$. So...hopefully that thing will be up and running in a few days!!

Check out my fabric. Got it at Walmart...and plan on making a valance for the living room. Should look "sharp" when I get it finished. Shouldn't take much...as it's all straight seams and nothing fancy. Anxious to get it finished...I'll take pictures when it's up.

Think I'll work on some fun things for this blog. Keep in mind that I'm not real computer savvy...so don't expect much!!!

Keep on smilin'!!!

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