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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

No Irish stew here...but my warm blessings to all of you that celebrate St. Patrick's Day!! Erin Go Brough!!

Another busy day...a run to the post office, bank, doctor's office and hospital to pick up some paper work. John and I went to KFC for lunch. A nice treat...something we haven't done in awhile. I just love the greasy chicken. I know it's so bad for you...but...how could I refuse???

Started the baby blanket last night. I now know why I prefer to crochet. It's so much faster. Probably a good thing I started it well in advance!! I'm slow and far too picky!!

Short and sweet tonight...want to sit and at least get a few rows done on the "blankie".

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all you Irishmen...but then isn't every one Irish on St. Patty's Day??

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