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Friday, March 6, 2009

Button, Button...Whose Got The Button....

I DO! I DO! Look at my latest "treasure". Found these buttons at one of our local thrift stores for 50 cents. Now, I'm not sure if they're ceramic or some type of glazed clay...but they're awesome. And I had to have them! Not sure exactly what to do with them yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with an idea or two.

John and I enjoyed our "get-away". Spent our first night in Gaylord and then made our way over to Petosky located just off of Lake Michigan. A lovely town...an older place...with so much to see and do. Many of the homes are closed up for the winter...and I do imagine this place is extremely busy during the tourist season.

Since we've been home, it's been "life as usual" here. John is trying to get the motor of the Met put back together...and I've been working on a few crochet projects. Tonight I actually got several inches done on a scarf...so things are moving along nicely!!

Well, it's getting late....really think it's time for bed. I'll talk to you soon. In the meantime, remember...spring is right around the corner!!

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